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More than just jewellery – the bespoke keepsakes which keep memories alive

These stunning pieces of jewellery are not only lovingly handcrafted – they also contain something that’s more precious to their wearer than any amount of gold or diamonds.

That’s because the rings, pendants and charms made by Paula Roberts of Forget Me Not Ashes Jewellery contain  some of the ashes of lost loved ones, or beloved pets, mixed into the coloured resin. It makes each one a truly beautiful memento of a life lived by someone extra special, never to be forgotten.

Ashes jewellery is becoming an increasingly popular way to create a lasting memento from cremation ashes – and they make a wonderful gift – either for someone who has recently been bereaved, or for yourself. You can even make a set of jewellery to be shared amongst close relatives to ensure each of you keeps a piece of the loved one close.

Paula, from Lowton, made her first piece of memorial jewellery when her daughter’s beloved horse died. She had heard that cremation ashes could be incorporated into jewellery making and wanted to craft something herself which would give her daughter a lasting reminder of the much loved animal.

She set about teaching herself to work with resin and create beautiful pieces of jewellery. Soon, she was getting lots of lovely comments about her pieces and requests for bespoke items. That’s when Forget Me Not Ashes Jewellery was born.

Now Paula has made hundreds of items for customers looking for a beautiful and long-lasting way to remember a loved relative or a lost pet. For many, it is the most precious piece of jewellery they own – and something they plan to pass down the generations.

Forget Me Not now has an extensive catalogue on its website – showcasing the kinds of pieces they can make for you and the high quality finish you can expect. And if you can’t find something that’s exactly what you’re looking for, Paula will work with you to make your vision come true. After all, each piece of Ashes Jewellery is completely unique and designed as a treasure to cherish for ever.

But you don’t have to use ashes to create something special. You could incorporate a small amount of hair into the piece – or you could choose a bespoke piece with no ashes or hair at all – it’s up to you.

Each item is handcrafted with love and 100% dedication – with the utmost respect and care given to the ashes used in the process. Every piece is finished to an extremely high standard – and of course, each and every one is completely unique.

Prices for the jewellery start at around £40. As each piece is crafted with the wearer in mind, an order usually takes 7 days to complete.

As we approach Christmas – commissioning a bespoke piece of Forget Me Not Ashes Jewellery could be the most precious gift you could give.

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